New Drozd Blackbird with Full-Auto Chip Installed


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DrozdWorld is the only seller with new Blackbirds!

ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS: DrozdWorld is the only seller of Drozd Blackbirds that feature a FULLY AUTOMATIC RAPID-FIRE CHIP INSTALLED and a DIRECT AIR ADAPTER!

The Factory Standard Chip is 1 shot, burst of 3 and burst of 6 shots. Our CUSTOM PROGRAM CHIP simulates a real machine gun with Full Automatic-Fire as long as you squeeze the trigger, or 1 shot or burst of 3. The custom program chip also doubles the rate of fire from 300-450-600 rounds per minute to 600-900-1200!

DrozdWorld's custom full auto-fire chip assembly
DrozdWorld’s custom full auto-fire chip and socket (center) professionally installed on the Blackbird’s electronics assembly

If You Want To Know What Makes A Blackbird Work It Is A True Electro-Mechanical Device.

The chip is included and pre-installed in a professionally soldered socket. As a result, the chip can be upgraded or replaced when new performance innovations become available.

DrozdWorld's High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery System
DrozdWorld’s High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery System
Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel
Snyperskaya-Innova Frictionless Barrel

DrozdWorld recommends adding our High-Performance Battery System to your order. Experience the boost of lithium-ion batteries designed carefully with the correct voltage and amps for your Blackbird’s circuit board.

If you need a high-accuracy barrel we also recommend adding the Snyperskaya-Innova frictionless barrel to your order.

DrozdWorld's Snyperskaya-Innova frictionless barrel
The Blackbird with DrozdWorld’s Snyperskaya-Innova frictionless barrel

The Blackbird accessories package includes:

  • Quick start detailed instruction booklet MADE IN USA – FREE with purchase!
  • Direct Air Adapter compatible with High Pressure Air (HPA) tanks – FREE with purchase!
  • Schematic drawing from the factory that helps you to understand the inner workings the Blackbird!
Stainless Steel Direct Air Adapter
Stainless Steel Direct Air Adapter, two views
The Blackbird connected to a high-pressure air tank using the Direct Air Adapter
The Blackbird connected to a high-pressure air tank using the Direct Air Adapter

DrozdWorld can’t ship tanks charged with compressed air or CO2. Air tanks are typically available at Walmart, at paintball shops and at other local retailers.

DrozdWorld chronographs and tests all Blackbirds in the U.S.A.

Drozd Blackbird, exploded view
Drozd Blackbird, exploded view

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