The DrozdWorld Action Video Awards

We love to see Drozd Blackbirds in action, and the DrozdWorld Action Video Awards are your chance to direct or star in a short video where things (but not people or animals, natch) get shot-up real good.

All you have to do is post your videos to YouTube and send us the information requested below. What could be simpler?

DrozdWorld Action Video Awards
Got a wild, action-packed video of your Drozd Blackbird on full auto-fire to share?

The Terms

  • To submit videos you must be the director or featured in a starring role
  • Commercial videos by, created for, or referencing airgun retailers or distributors other than DrozdWorld are not eligible
  • Videos from 2018 and 2019 are eligible
  • A Drozd Blackbird must be at the center of the action
  • For directorial influences think Michael Bay rather than Woody Allen, but great dialog supporting full-auto action is encouraged
  • Actual violence and profanity is not acceptable
  • Videos shall run at least one minute, and any run times up to feature length are acceptable
  • Music in the videos, if any, must not infringe on the rights of copyright holders. Costumes and props, if any, must not infringe on the rights of copyright or trademark holders
  • All videos shall be posted to YouTube and available publicly
  • Winning videos may be posted to the Web site at Drozdworld’s discretion
  • Links to YouTube videos shall be sent by email to: DROZDWORLDAWARDS@GMAIL.COM by or on March 31, 2019
  • Neither DrozdWorld nor Innova USA LLC are responsible for misdirected email submissions, unplayable YouTube videos or anything beyond DrozdWorld’s direct control
  • The judges’ decisions will be announced on the Web site during April, 2019

The Awards

  • FIRST PRIZE: $100 (US)
  • SECOND PRIZE: $50 (US)
  • THIRD PRIZE: $20 (US)
  • HONORABLE MENTION – multiple are possible

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